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So pleased with the service I received from the nice Doctors from Eyecare Express.  They came to our retirement home and set up their equipment in the activity room, they were very kind and helped me with my glasses as well, thank you for the great service.



We had the pleasure of having Eyecare Express come to our retirement community. The staff was extremely friendly and took the time to care for all of the residents they saw. They brought in all the eye exam equipment and had an amazing display of eyeglasses. After speaking with the residents they were thrilled with the customer service and thoroughness of the optometrists and opticians. We look forward to there next visit


The glasses I got from Eyecare Express were the best pair I have ever had.  They were ready only a few days after I saw the Doctor and the Opticians came back to ensure they were fitted and adjusted perfectly to my face.  I want to thank the boys from Eyecare Express for the great service.


Eyecare Express was extremely professional with there setup of the eye exam clinic. The staff was very kind and the residents were very happy with there experience with the doctors, and with the selection of there glasses. There service is second to none and we highly recommend there service


Thank you Eyecare express our residents were so pleased and excited to have you visit our retirement home and provide great service.  This will be a service that will become a regular offering at our home, look forward to seeing your team again in the near future

Director of Care